What have you got to lose?

The other day a colleague was telling me about his mother’s request to take him on a vacation over Christmas break.  He doesn’t want to go because he thinks the family should put money towards hardwood floors.  Immediately, my jaw dropped as I gasped for air.   Well I suppose that is very practical of him, but I don’t think ideas like that have ever even entered into my brain. No no my friends, my life is about adventures.

But then I got to thinking,his reaction is probably quite typical whereas mine is probably “bizarre”.  I mean at my age, I dodge questions like: why you don’t buy a condo?  “Oh you’re off to Las Vegas, are you getting married?”  “Don’t you want kids, Mandy?” (Followed by responses like, “They give me a reason to get up in the morning.  Everything I do is for my children.”)

We live in a society where you are supposed to go to school, graduate with a degree (check), get a job (check) and then find a partner, buy a house and have a couple of kids.

Well what if you want to take a detour and follow that path later?  Or perhaps never?

Then you pack up your life and go to Morocco indefinitely and the questions shift to comments like, “You’re so brave, I could never do that”.

Now, I’m not saying that one way of living is better than other.  Rather we should all live a little.  Take a risk.  Go on an adventure.  Try something new. Do something fun!  Take a year off.  (It’s just one thing white people like to do. Oh, and record it in our Moleskin notebooks.)  Each person’s definition of risk and adventure will be different.

Perhaps heading off to a foreign country and avoiding Starbucks is too much for one person, but spending a weekend closer to home would be a big deal.  Do it! Going out to a restaurant where you don’t know what you are eating may be fun to some, yet disgusting to others.  Try it!  Or my biggest fear, heading out to a movie alone.  I know, I should go! Because really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The other day my friend sent me a link to a blog and the final sentence basically sums up my philosophy on life:  “You’re going to be dead soon. You might as well do something fun, in the meantime”.

Now you can  start planning your Moroccan adventure to visit me!!

11 thoughts on “What have you got to lose?

  1. Hi Mandy. I am so excited about YOUR adventure and good for you as for sure we only live once and we need to do what makes US feel good.. not what others think we should do. Don’t put off until tomorrow what we can do today as we don’t know if we will even be here tomorrow.. each day is a gift so we must enjoy it to the fullest and that is just waht you are doing! You go girl!! Kathyxo

  2. That really is the best blog, isn’t it? I even love the title. But back to you, if you write another Eat Pray Love, I’ll break up with you. One was one more than enough.

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  8. Loving your blog, currently back home for the holidays and surrounded by all of these hometown friends getting married buying condos and having babies. I’m dying to get to morocco! Just want to let you know your blog is very inspiring!

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